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For ANYONE who wants to strart a online business and achieve financial freedom or just earn an extra income BUT doesn't know where to strart


MASTER RESELL RIGHTS (MMR) is a licensing agreement allowing you to purchase a digital product once, then sell it as your own over and over and keep 100% of the profits. Paid straight to your account.

THIS Course has EVERYTHING you need to set up a profitable Business with NO EXPERIENCE AND anyone who is NOT TECH savy.

The Road Map makes it so easy with its step by step proccess the whole way through

ONLINE Businesses looking to add another stream of income or just wanting to make a extra income or full time income

THOSE working 9 to 5 who just want a side income

  • 100% Profits with MASTER RESELL RIGHTS
  • EASY to follow step by step set up
  • Complete Ownership of the Product
  • No Monthly Fees EVER
  • No Upsell EVER
  • 100 Modules
  • DIGITAL PRODUCT Ready made, built for you
  • LIFETIME Community
  • 1-1 Mentor calls

The earning potential from buying this course and re selling it is unlimited. Not only will this course teach you to sell the course you will also learn other income streams online

1 Sale = £408 / $497

5 Sales = £2040 / $2485

10 Sales = £4080 / $4790

20 Sales = £8160 / $9940


Hi, My name is Claire and I am a Single Mom to 4 children and I live in the UK.

For the last 15 years i have worked in the beauty industry and in the last 5 years i qualified as a Aesthetics Practitioner which i love doing.

I have had many Jobs over the years always juggling work around the children earn enough money to pay the bills and still be there the kids.

I love doing treatments and my clients, but over the last few years i have had some health problems and had lots of time off work. So i started looking into what i can do from home in my own time and i came across affiliate Marketing so i started sharing products on my page and making a commision.

Then recently i came across Digital Marketing and thought that this IS how i can achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM. It will teach you STEP BY STEP and when i say in not tech savy I'M NOT TECH SAVY.

But this is so easy even my 11 year old was looking at it and understood some of it.

This really is an amaizng opportunity and with only one payment then the course is yours to resell on over and over.

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